5 Top Reasons Why I Don’t Have Enough Hot Water


If you’re tired of turning on the shower each morning and wondering “why don’t I have enough hot water?” – you’re not alone! Hot water that isn’t hot enough, along with weak hot water pressure, are among the most common problems that pop up in the home or business.

Read on for our top 5 reasons why you aren’t getting enough hot water and when to call in an expert to get it sorted for you.

Blocked Filters

If your hot water heater is only lukewarm, it could be that the filters in the tempering valves have become blocked with sediment and are causing it to malfunction. Tempering valves blend hot and cold water to produce the right temperature, so any blockage will cause weak pressure and lukewarm water.

hot water heater only lukewarm

Faulty Parts

If you’re running out of hot water faster than before, it could be that the parts are suffering from wear and tear. This is most likely to happen with:

  •       the element (the part that heats the water) which can result in hot water not getting hot enough or no hot water at all
  •       the thermostat (the part that switches the hot water on and off) which can result in irregular temperatures
  •       the relief valve (the part which releases hot water pressure) which can also result in temperature disruptions

Over Capacity

When your hot water system is in too much demand, you can run out of hot water. A good way to work out how big of a system you’ll need for a family with four members during off peak is:

  •       315 litres for an electric hot water system
  •       170 litres for a gas hot water system
  •       200 litres for a solar hot water
hot water not getting hot enough

System Too Far Away

If you live in a large house or a double-storey, your hot water system may be placed too far away from the bathroom. As hot water will cool down as it travels along pipes, this can result in cold water by the time it reaches your shower.

running out of hot water faster than before

Hot Water System Needs Replacing

Sometimes, your hot water system just needs to be replaced! Whether it’s old or just worn down from use, if the hot water pressure is significantly lower than the cold water throughout your entire home, consider replacing it with a new one.

Call In The Hot Water Experts

If you’ve checked these common problems and are still wondering “ why don’t I have enough hot water?” – give Barker Plumbing Services a call! Our professional plumbers have over 30 years’ experience in installing, repairing and maintaining hot water systems on the Gold Coast and can get yours back up and running again in no time. Call our team today to get started.