Why Businesses Hire a Commercial Plumber


The next time you need a plumber for your business, you should think twice before settling on the closest one to you that can do the job. A commercial plumbing job requires different skills and expertise to fix the problem – one that a residential plumber may not have. Read on for our top 5 reasons why businesses hire a commercial plumber and why you should, too.

They’re Used to Larger Scale Jobs

While a residential plumber typically works on small-scale plumbing tasks, a commercial plumber is often dealing with complex plumbing systems that stretch over an entire apartment or office building. As these systems are used more frequently by more people, there will also be different codes and permits that only a commercial plumber will understand.

why hire a commercial plumber

They Have the Right Tools

Working on bigger plumbing systems requires bigger and more specialised equipment that a residential plumber likely won’t own. These can include anything from water jetters for pipe cleaning to pipe relining technology that can quickly repair damaged and blocked pipes. 

They Can Solve Commercial Plumbing Problems 

A commercial plumber will look at a plumbing problem and take the entire building into account to discover what is causing it and then propose a solution. Also, commercial plumbing structures are far more complicated than residential ones and will require a licensed plumber who is familiar with their layout. 

 They Can Save You Money

If you try and fix a commercial plumbing problem yourself, you risk doing further damage which can end up costing you a fortune to fix. Save yourself valuable dollars by reaching out to a licensed commercial plumber who knows exactly what the problem is and the most cost-effective way to fix it. They can also help to organise a regular maintenance schedule to prevent future problems and save you money over time.

Commercial Plumbing problems

They Will Get it Fixed Fast

A commercial plumber understands that time is money for a business. They can have the problem fixed quickly and within the given timeframe to ensure that your business is back up and running as usual even sooner.

Call In a Commercial Plumber to Get the Job Done Right

Now that you know why businesses hire a commercial plumber to fix their plumbing problems, it’s time to find the right one for the job! Barker Plumbing Services have over 30 years’ experience in commercial plumbing and gas fitting on the Gold Coast and can handle any commercial plumbing job you need, no matter how complex. For fast, affordable and professional results for your business, give us a call today and let’s discuss how we can help you.