What Size Hot Water System Do I Need?


Whether your old hot water system has given up or your family has grown, one of the first things you’ll need to decide is what size hot water system will be big enough to accommodate all of your needs. We’ve put together the major factors you should be considering when asking, “What size hot water system do I need for a family?”

How Big is the Family?

One of the biggest factors to determine your answer will be the amount of people living in your home. If you are a large family of 8, you will obviously need a larger hot water system than a family of 3. As most systems last for 10 years or longer, you’ll also need to take into account whether you plan on growing your family over the next decade, too.

What Size Hot Water System Do I Need

How Many Bathrooms Do You Have?

Think about how many bathrooms you have and how many appliances require the use of hot water. Many modern homes have at least 2 bathrooms, plus a dishwasher, washing machine, kitchen sink, and laundry basin. Your hot water system will need to be big enough to accommodate all of them.


When Do You Use Hot Water?

If everyone in the family tends to have a shower around the same time, whether it’s morning or evening, you’ll need a larger system to cope with the demand for hot water. If some family members shower in the morning, while others in the evening, and you do dishes and laundry at different times, a smaller hot water system will be sufficient.

Hot Water System Sizes.

Will You Use Peak or Off-Peak?

If your electricity uses an off-peak tariff to keep costs down, you will need to buy a larger hot water heater as it needs to supply water to the house all day before reheating at night, usually between 10pm-7am. This is also the case if you are thinking of buying a solar hot water system.

Ask a Professional Plumber First

The best thing you can do the next time you’re wondering, “what size hot water system do I need?” is to ask a qualified plumber before you make a purchase. Barker Plumbing Services have been the go-to plumber on the Gold Coast for over 30 years and we can recommend the most reliable brands, the best size, and the right type of unit to suit your family needs. Chances are, we can get your hot water system at a cheaper price from our suppliers – we’ll also install it for you! Give Jeff Barker a call today for more information.