Top 4 Things To Consider When Replacing A Toilet


Whether you’re buying a new toilet suite for the new bathroom or replacing a toilet in an existing space, there are a few considerations you’ll need to think about before making a purchase. From the design of the toilet to the technical aspects, read on to narrow down your options and make the right selection for you and your home.

Do You Have An S Trap Or A P Trap?

If you’re upgrading your toilet instead of a full bathroom renovation, you’ll need to look at how it is installed. Does the waste use a P trap to go through the wall located directly behind the toilet or does it use an S trap to send waste through the floor? S traps are the most common type of toilet system and feature an S-shaped ceramic pipe that leads from the toilet base to below the floor. A P trap is shaped like a P and leads from the toilet into the wall.

What Is The Distance From The Centre Of The Waste Pipe To The S Or P Trap?

To replace an existing toilet, you should take some measurements before you remove it to ensure a correct fit. This will prevent you from having to remodel or replace your new toilet later if you purchase the wrong size. Take a measuring tape and measure from the centre of the waste pipe to the finished S trap in the floor or P trap in the wall.

Where Is The Water Inlet?

Next, find the water inlet for the cistern. This pipe will either be located at the back, hidden behind the cistern, or at the bottom. You can identify these types of inlets by a flexible hose or a stop tap that can be found on the wall next to the toilet pan, low down near the floor.

What Is The Distance Between The Wall And The Tap?

Take some more measurements for a precise fit by measuring the location of the water inlet point. If your toilet has a bottom inlet, you need to make sure the tap is located far enough away to the side that it won’t be in the way of the back of the pan. For a back inlet toilet, take your measurements from the finished floor to the tap, then from the toilet middle to the tap. For a bottom inlet toilet, measure along the wall, from the toilet middle to the tap.

Get It Right The First Time With Barker Plumbing Services

We’re a trusted plumber in Elanora with over 30 years’ experience in installing toilet suites into new bathrooms and replacing a toilet in existing spaces. We can get your measurements right and fit your toilet to perfection for a stylish and functional bathroom in the home or business. We can also do toilet repairs if required. Give us a call to speak to a local plumber about your plumbing needs today.

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