Toilet Repair and Replacement


A broken toilet in the home can be a nightmare. From no flush at all to running water to faulty flush buttons, these issues can run up your electricity bill fast and be costly to fix if you leave them too long. Not to mention they turn the toilet into a health hazard and inconvenience. Barker Plumbing Services are experts in toilet repair and replacement on the Gold Coast. We can quickly identify the problem and repair or replace it with a whole new toilet.

If you want your throne back, give us a call. Our fully licensed plumbers will get things moving again in no time!

Why Do Toilets Run or Become Blocked?

The most common cause of a blocked toilet is putting something down there that doesn’t belong. This is typically baby wipes, tissues, paper towels or kids toys which should never be flushed down the toilet. The flush button may also be broken or disconnected which prevents flushing. A running toilet can be anything from a broken flapper to a disconnected float ball or damaged valve.

We can identify the problem quickly and get the plumbing working as normal.


Signs That You May Need Toilet Repairs or Toilet Replacement

Toilet Won’t Flush

A toilet that doesn’t flush is unhygienic and annoying. Maybe you need to flush the toilet multiple times to make it work. A weak flush or no flush at all can be fixed by having a licensed plumber look at it.

 Toilet Won’t Stop Running

Running toilets are not only annoying to listen to, they quickly escalate your water bills. You may still be able to use it, but it’s constantly trickling and wasting water. The most likely culprit is the ballcock, float cup or fill valve seal.

Toilet Is Slow To Fill

If your toilet takes a long time to fill back up after flushing, it may be that the fill valve is clogged. It could also be a deeper problem with the internal plumbing. Let our friendly team take a look at it and find the solution.

Toilet Button Gets Stuck

If the toilet button keeps getting stuck every time you flush, the linkage mechanism may be broken or disconnected.

How Can Barker Plumbing Services Help With Broken Toilets?

Our team of fully licensed and qualified plumbers have years of experience in fixing and replacing faulty toilets in the home. We use the latest equipment to safely and quickly diagnose the problem and get your toilet working again the same day.

toilet replacement

Why Trust Us To Fix Or Replace Your Toilet?

  •     Over 30 years’ experience in plumbing on the Gold Coast
  •     Highly qualified and experienced with Master Plumber Jeff Barker and a team of dedicated professionals
  •     Affordable and competitive rates
  •     Prompt and reliable 
  •     Excellent customer service
  •     Workmanship guaranteed

Don’t put up with a broken toilet. Give Barker Plumbing Services a call today to discuss all of your toilet repair and replacement needs.