A Step-By-Step Guide to Replacing a Leaking Shower Mixer


If the shower head in your bathroom is leaking, there’s a fairly good chance it’s a problem with the shower mixer. A leaking shower mixer is a common problem in modern bathrooms and is typically caused when the fine filter inside the mixer faucet gets clogged with water particles. This results in a leaking shower head or a leaking shower mixer tap.

Luckily, replacing the cartridge will often solve the issue and the best part is you can do it yourself. Read on for a step-by-step DIY guide on how to replace your mixer tap or call us today and we’ll put a stop to your leaking shower.

What Will I Need to Change a Shower Mixer Tap?

You only need two tools to successfully replace the cartridge inside your mixer tap. They are:

  •     A pair of water pump pliers or shifting spanner
  •     A flat screwdriver or an allen key
shower mixer tap with allen key
removing shower mixer with shifting spanner

How Do I Change a Shower Mixer Tap?

Follow these easy steps to replace your leaking shower mixer tap:

  1.   Turn off the switch to your main water supply.
  2.   Turn on the taps to release any excess water.
  3.   To open the mixer, use your screwdriver to pop the cover off the underside of the shower handle.
  4.   Use your screwdriver or allen key to remove the grub screw inside.
  5.   Shake the handle, pull it off and remove the cover.
  6.   Use your water pump pliers to unscrew the retaining nut, turning in an anti-clockwise direction. Expect some excess water to come flowing out of the pipe at this point.
  7.   Remove the nut and take out the cartridge. Make sure you know what type of cartridge your mixer needs for a replacement, you may even want to take the old cartridge to your local plumbing supplier to get the replacement cartridge.
  8.   Insert the new cartridge, ensuring that the two pins on the cartridge line up with the holes in the mixer.
  9.   Check that the inside face is smooth and clear of debris before twisting the cartridge into the mixer and feeling it drop down.
  10. Replace the retaining nut to secure the cartridge in place. Tip – consider smearing a bit of Vaseline on the threads to make removal easy for the next time! Make sure you don’t cross thread the threads.
  11. Wind it back in a clockwise direction and tighten with the pliers.
  12. Replace the cover, put the handle back on and tighten the grub screw.
  13. Put the coloured cap back onto the handle.
  14. Turn the main water supply back on – sputtering sounds are normal!


Clogged shower mixer
A leaking shower mixer is a common culprit when it comes to shower heads that leak. Learn how to fix the issue yourself with our step-by-step guide to replacing a shower mixer tap.

Need More Help? Let the Experts Do It Instead!

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