What Is The Difference Between A Gas Fitter And A Gas Plumber On The Gold Coast?


If you’re in need of a gas plumber on the Gold Coast, chances are you’ve come across the terms ‘gas plumber’ and ‘gas fitter’ being used interchangeably. While similar, they are two different occupations and require different licenses and training in order to legally carry out work in Australia.

Which one you hire will depend on the task you need completed. Read on to discover the key differences between a gas fitter and a gas plumber and decide which one is right for you.

What is A Gas Plumber?

A gas plumber is an individual who is fully licensed and qualified to perform gas fitting work on your gas systems as well as any other plumbing duties needed for other systems. This can include working on your hot water valve, gas pipes, gas stove installation, ovens and cooktops, repairs, testing and any maintenance or service work required.

While regular plumbers may claim to offer gas fitting services, they won’t be able to complete gas work if they haven’t undergone the necessary training and become certified. Always ensure that they hold the proper qualifications and licenses needed to specialise in this area of work beforehand.

What Is A Gas Fitter?

A gas fitter is a tradesperson who is certified to offer gas fitting services such as installation, repairs and maintenance, testing, gas conversion and disconnection. While a gas fitter is licensed to carry out any gas work within a residential or commercial premises, they are not licensed to perform any plumbing services you may need done as they have not studied in this area and lack the required qualifications.

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Do I Need A Gas Fitter Or Gas Plumber On The Gold Coast?

If you need gas fitting work done, a gas certified plumber can safely take care of all of your gas work. They will hold certifications in both gas fitting and plumbing with the vital experience needed to efficiently manage all of your installations, repairs and maintenance, including water, drainage and emergency services.


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