5 Questions To Ask Before Considering A New Toilet Installation On The Gold Coast


If you’ve been considering a toilet installation on the Gold Coast for your home or business, there’s a few things you need to ask before getting started. Whether you’re replacing an old toilet or installing a brand new one, read our top 5 questions to ask prior to a toilet installation to ensure the end result is a successful one.

5 Common Toilet Install Questions

How Much Does A New Toilet Installation Cost?

The cost of a toilet installation will vary depending on the type of toilet suite you have and your exact requirements. Typically, a no-fuss toilet replacement can cost as little as $150 with the average cost for toilet installation being between $300-$400. A more complex toilet system, such as a wall hung toilet, may exceed $500.

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Toilet Installation?

An experienced plumber should be able to replace and install a new toilet in as little as a few days. If your project is more complicated, toilet installation can take up to a few weeks to complete.

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How Do I Install A New Toilet?

Unless you’re a licensed plumber  with experience, installing a new toilet isn’t something you should ever try yourself. Toilet installation is a complex job and you need to be both qualified and licensed to undertake any work on your plumbing system. A plumber can handle this or if you are planning to renovate the entire bathroom, your builder will likely work with an experienced bathroom renovation plumber with the appropriate license can take care of the plumbing for you.

Can A Toilet Be Used Right After Installation?

In most cases, your new toilet will be able to be used immediately after installation. Check with your plumber for confirmation.

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How Do I Choose The Right Plumber For A Toilet Installation?

When deciding which plumber to hire, make sure you ask them some key questions to ensure they’re capable of handling the job:

  •       Are you qualified and licensed for toilet installation?
  •       Do you have insurance for plumbing in my home or business?
  •       Can I see your references and examples of past work?
  •       Can I get a written quote?
  •       When can I expect the toilet installation to be finished?

It’s a good idea to get at least three written quotes from different plumbers to compare prices before choosing the right one. Most plumbers will charge per hour with rates beginning at $55. Choose a local plumber with a well-established reputation for quality, affordable work and you’ll likely have the best plumber for the job.


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