The 3 Most Common Signs of a Leaking Toilet And What You Can Do About It


If you’ve been googling, “How to fix leaking from under my toilet?”, chances are that your toilet has been giving you some grief! A leaking toilet is a very common problem and one that most people will encounter at least once. The good news is that there is something you can do about it and not all of them require a professional plumber. Read on to discover 3 of the most common signs that your toilet is leaking and some handy DIY solutions that you can try at home to fix it.

There is Water on the Floor

If you spot a puddle of water on the floor, it’s a good sign that your toilet has a leak. The cause of it could be a deteriorated seal. There are 2 seals to check – the flush pipe rubber which can become loose over time and allow water to drip through the seal when flushed, and the pan connector which has a rubber seal that can loosen and cause water to overflow.

The solution is to replace the faulty fitting or to temporarily seal it with some sanitary-grade silicone.

Trickling toilet

The Toilet Cistern is Always Filling Up

If your toilet is filling up when no-one has flushed it, you may need a new water inlet valve. It’s a simple fix for professional plumbers, but it is also possible to do it at home yourself. A universal water inlet valve may be used on most toilets, but induct cisterns will typically require you to order the special valve in.


There is Water Running into the Toilet Bowl

If the problem is water trickling into the toilet bowl, it may be the result of a deteriorated rubber washer. This fitting seals the cistern and can easily be replaced. If this doesn’t fix the problem, it could be the internal system of the toilet cistern. These fittings can be replaced individually, but it may be cheaper to purchase a brand new toilet suite.

Leaking from under my toilet

Still Need Help?

Sometimes, the best way to fix a trickling toilet is to call in the experts! Barker Plumbing Services are a local plumber on the Gold Coast with over 30 years’ experience in fixing leaking toilets. We can diagnose the problem quickly, provide a quote and mend it without the risk of flooding your bathroom and causing any more damage. Leaking toilets shouldn’t be ignored as they can quickly run up your water bills if not repaired straight away. Give our friendly team a call today and let’s get it sorted!