Top 7 Causes of Blocked Drains


A blocked drain can happen anywhere in your home, but usually occurs with the fixtures in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Not only are they inconvenient, they’re also unhygienic and unpleasant. Read on for our top 7 causes of blocked drains and what you can do to resolve the situation quickly.


A clogged drain in the shower is most commonly caused by a build-up of hair mixed with shampoo, conditioner and other soap products. If you want to try a DIY solution, you can use a drain cleaner with sulfuric acid to dissolve the slurry. A shower strainer can prevent hair from going down the drain and causing a blockage.

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Wipes and Paper Towels

Flushable wipes and paper towels can easily get stuck in the toilet pipes. Unlike toilet paper, which is dissolvable, these items soak up water and don’t break down which can cause a major block in your toilet or the drain that leads away from your home.

Food Scraps

Scraps of food should always be thrown in the bin, not down the sink. Food such as rice and pasta swell up in water and can cause a blockage in the kitchen sink. Fats also solidify in cooler water and can create a mass that is difficult to remove. 

Tree Roots

If you live near large trees, tree roots can work their way into a waste pipe if it has a crack or is not strong enough to withstand the strength of the root system. In this case, only a jet rodding machine will fix the problem.

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Kids Toys

Small objects, such as kids toys, are a common culprit of blocked toilets. Some toys may slip through with no problem. However, if the toilet bowl starts filling up after flushing or won’t drain – you have a blockage!

Sanitary Products

Like wipes and paper towels, tampons and sanitary pads should always go in the bin and never in the toilet. These items are unable to dissolve in the water and will likely meet up with other items and cause a major blockage down the line.

Concrete Grout

In new or renovated bathrooms, concrete or tiler’s grout can cause blockages if it’s disposed of down the drain. You can prevent this by providing waste outlets for the tilers to use when they are grouting the shower.

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