The Do’s and Don’ts Of Caring For Your Drain


If you want to prevent potential plumbing disasters in the home, knowing how to care for your drains is a must. Whether it’s the kitchen drain, the bathroom drain or elsewhere, proper drain maintenance is essential for minimising the chances of a blocked drain and other costly problems. This guide will give you the major do’s and don’ts of drain care for keeping things flowing as usual.

The Don’ts

Don’t Pour Oil And Grease Down Drains

Oil and grease should never be poured down the kitchen drain. These substances can interact with other matters in the drain and lead to a blockage.

 Don’t Use Harsh Chemical Cleaners

Chemical cleaners can be too hard on the plumbing system and lead to corrosion of pipes. Choose biodegradable and environmentally-friendly cleaners or use a home-made solution.

Don’t Overwork The Garbage Disposal

While garbage disposals lower the chance of blockages caused by food, they can also strain the plumbing. Only put small items of food down the disposal and use plenty of cold water each time it is used. Larger food items should always go in the waste bin.

Don’t Flush Non-Flushables

A clogged toilet is a common plumbing problem that’s costly, messy and inconvenient. You can help to avoid it by never flushing items such as wipes, sanitary products and cotton balls down the toilet.

The Do’s

Do Regularly Clean Drains

Use homemade solutions like baking soda and vinegar or biodegradable drain cleaners to regularly clean the drainage system. This helps to prevent blockages caused by hair, soap scum, food particles and other matter.

Do Invest In a Drain Guard

These cheap and handy filters can be easily purchased and installed in drains to catch any debris that would otherwise be washed down the drain and can cause a blocked sink. This is a great way to prevent build-up that will clog pipes and prevent water from running smoothly.

Do A Hot Water Flush

Regularly pouring hot water down the drain is an effective way to break down accumulated matter in pipes before it can cause a major blockage.

Do Use A Professional Plumber For Maintenance And Repairs

Scheduling regular maintenance with a professional plumber is one of the most effective ways to safeguard against a blocked drain. Barker Plumbing Services has over 30 years in plumbing on the Gold Coast and can ensure that all of the drains in the home are clear and continue to work properly.

If your drain is already blocked, we have the tools and knowledge to quickly resolve the problem. Our licensed team can also give you advice and recommendations to keep your plumbing system in top condition for years to come. Give us a call today to book or find out more.

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